Republican Convention/ Democratic Protests 2016

Theresa Peel, Texas delegate Cleveland Amy Hedke, Texas delegate Anne Mazone, Texas delegate
Cleveland michael hensley 0780 Cleveland Charles Bruckerhoff, Connecticut delegate
Arish Singh, Cleveland protester Convention Renee and Michael Picilio, Rhode Island alt. delegates Darren Ray Waddles, Arkansas delegate
Convention Jared Miller, RNC guest Anonymous, Philadelphia protester DSC 1332
Eric Brakey and Kaitlin Waterhouse, Maine delegate and guest Convention Veronica and Maeve Wolski, Philadelphia protesters RNC guests
Philadelphia protests Jonathan Riley, RNC guest Convention Suzanne and James Amato, Illinois alt. delegate and guest
Convention Juan Carlos Porras, Florida, guest Monica Morrill, Pennsylvania delegate Convention
Kevin Decker, Philadelphia protester Terry Kaye, Cleveland protester Convention Philadelphia protests